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"Andy Matchett grabs the heart and soul of Holly and serves it to the audience with equal parts sensitivity, humor and fine-tuned musical skill. He presents Holly in all his youthful exuberance, creative innovation, and human flaws. He's cocky but caring, demanding and enthusiastic — and the audience loves him, often clapping and singing along to the old Holly standards... The onstage chemistry between the musicians is undeniable. The legend is wrong. The music hasn't died. Somewhere, Buddy Holly is smiling."

-Rick Runion, Lakeland Ledger

"I can't imagine another performer who could so easily step into Buddy's shoes. The role seems custom made for Andy. This [is an] awe inspiring show." 

-Thomas Thorspecken, Analog Artist Digital World


"Andy Matchett captures all of the charm and charisma that made a Williams a star.  His previous blockbuster performance at the IceHouse as Buddy Holly had patrons dancing in the aisles. This portrayal is just as good.... The show quickly sold out scheduled performances—as well it should.  Not only do local country-western fans adore Hank Williams, but also the show is exceptionally well performed."

-Jack Petro, Villages News


"Andy Matchett puts on Williams' cowboy hat for the Mount Dora theater, and it fits him like a glove... Matchett can evoke a performer's spirit without resorting to Vegas-style impersonation, and his charisma holds an audience's attention — and sympathy — even if his character isn't always likable. Known for his 1950s tribute band and rock musical "Key of E," Matchett also sounds perfectly at home yodeling and twanging his way through [Williams' classics]... Singing with a focused intensity, Matchett lets us see into Williams' soul."

-Matt Palm, Orlando Sentinel


"Andy Matchett is having a blast decked out in a cowboy hat and strumming his guitar as he sings “Your Cheatin’ Heart” and other songs in the musical biography “Hank Williams:Lost Highway.. 

Matchett had success playing Buddy Holly at Icehouse in the past, so it’s no surprise he was approached by the theater’s artistic director to play Hank Williams."

-Theresa Campbell, The Daily Commercial


"Andy Matchett won the Cubie [Award] as lead actor in "Hank Williams: Lost Highway," and the musical won a Cubie for outstanding ensemble."

-Christine Cole, Orlando Sentinel


"Andy Matchett is playing Buddy... and it seems a role he was destined to perform. Driving home, the music was still echoing in my head."

-Thomas Thorspecken, Analog Artist Digital World


"Andy Matchett is getting used to selling out theaters in Lake. "We don't do cartoon versions of these people," he said. "People have a tainted idea of tribute acts. I do the whole characters, not just the songs.""

-Christine Cole, Orlando Sentinel


"The best Roy Orbison I've ever seen, hands down. The look, the sound, the attitude. He nails absolutely everything about the performance."

-Bruce McCollough, Allengang Productions

"Andy Matchett: The Orlando resident was known for his musical ability as a singer and guitarist with The Minks. But the theater world stood up and took notice when he stormed the stage at the Sonnentag Theatre at the IceHouse to star in "Buddy! The Buddy Holly Story." The show sold out, and Matchett went on to write and star in Orlando Fringe Festival hit "Key of E" and another musical biography, "Hank Williams: Lost Highway." Now he's returning to "Buddy!" but on a much bigger stage: Matchett will star in the upcoming national tour of the show."

-Matt Palm, Orlando Sentinel


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