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We are Johnny Wild and The Delights - the Southeast's #1 '50s and '60s band! 

We are your true time machine back to the style and sound of the

Golden Age of Music. From the early days of Rock ’n Roll and Country,

to the frenzied bombast of California Surf Rock, British Invasion and soulful Motown classics, Johnny and his wild band of talented performers deliver all of your timeless favorites with a passion, energy and authenticity

that brings new life to the sounds we all know and love!


"My new favorite band!

Not just because

of the music, but the

raw talent that this

group exhibited.

You need to hear them!"

-Estavan H.


“When they play, you can’t just sit there. You have to get up and dance!”


 "The look, the sound,

the attitude. THey nail

absolutely everything

about the performance."

-Bruce M.

"i want to be in that
band when i bigger."
-Jude Rochette, age 3

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