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For the first time ever, Johnny Wild and the Delights are putting their fans in the spotlight with our
Each month, we will choose an enthusiastic supporter of the band, 
and feature bios, photos and special memories with that person. 

We are proud to present to you Johnny Wild’s Inaugural Fan of the Month…MR. VIC COTE!
Who better to represent the ultimate Johnny Wild fan than the Mayor of Wildtown?
Vic Cote is more than a fan…he’s part of the band family. Always the first to arrive and the last to leave,
Vic and his lovely wife Mary have become a staple at Johnny Wild squares shows (he’s never missed a single one!)
and support the band at their various venues with passion and excitement. I was able to interview Vic to get his perspective on his love for Johnny Wild and the Delights. Let’s get to know a little bit more about The Mayor!

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Kari: Vic, congrats on being chosen as our Inaugural Fan Of The Month!


Vic: That is so sweet of you guys to want to feature me as Fan Of The Month. After all, I never did get to be center fold in a magazine. 


Kari: HAHAHA! Well, now’s your chance! Tell me about where you’re from!


Vic: I am from Toledo, Ohio, but lived just over the state line in Lambertville, Michigan. That is about 50 miles south of Detroit, and lived there most of my life.


Kari:  As an Ohio native myself, I applaud your Toledo roots and forgive your Michigan upbringing lol.  You have such a lovely family…3 girls, right?

Vic: Yes! I have 3 daughter's, 6 grandchildren, and 1 great granddaughter. My oldest daughter Lisa is 54 and a book keeper for her husband/business, middle daughter Laurie is 51 and is a registered nurse, and my youngest daughter Rita is 47 and a school teacher.

Kari: Surrounded by ladies, of course! The band loves seeing you in the crowd, it gives us so much energy! What got you started following the band?


Vic: I started following Johnny Wild because of all his talents, GREAT singer, good dresser, GREAT showmanship and entertainer, and the ability to put together, " THE BEST BAND IN THE SOUTH “!


Kari: Thanks Vic!! Speaking of good dressers, lots of people comment on your snappy duds as well. I know you and Johnny personally coordinate your wardrobe to match! Now what would you be doing if you weren’t front row at every Johnny Wild show?


Vic: Other than Johnny Wild, I guess I would choose classic cars as a hobby.


Kari: I’ll take a ’57 Chevy Corvette convertible, please! Since you have been at all our shows, you must have a favorite memory from spending so much time together…


Johnny vid.jpeg
vic johnny 3.jpeg

Vic: All my memories with the band are wonderful, but the ones I cherished the most were the bands specialty shows that were performed at the Savannah Center and all the dinner shows at Katie Belle's. The band did 67 shows at Katie Belle's, they did 15 shows at the Savannah Center, and this last show at Lake Sumter on November 27th makes the 180th show at the squares. I have been to every single one:)

Kari: Whoa, 180 shows? Well, our 200th is coming up soon! Any special requests or favorite tunes?

Vic:  My favorite song the band sings, gee that is a hard one, because all the songs are FANTASTIC! I guess I would say "Mean Woman Blues”.  Johnny dedicated this song to me one night after him and I were out shopping in Leesburg and had lunch. Mary said to me, what did you tell him? I loved it.


Kari: Haha! Mary is such a doll—she’s part of the band family as well. Sounds like you and Johnny (Andy) have a a really amazing friendship.


Vic: All joking aside, Andy is very special to me, he is like a son to me. I couldn't love him anymore if he was my blood son. 


Kari: I know he absolutely adores you as well. We’re so lucky to have incredible fans like you!

THANK YOU to Vic Cote, and all of our amazing fans! Stay tuned for the next FAN OF THE MOTNH, announced January 1st!

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